Hi, my name is Dirk Menkveld and I am a freelance product manager or better described as an all-round techie. Building products from scratch together with like-minded people is what I love doing most.

Last years I’ve been working as a freelance product manager / owner for companies like Yunoo (co-founder), Fox Sports, NEP, YogaHabits, Node1, Shopify, Klarna, Ubideo, Studio Henk, Livewords, Mediahuis, AgnoPlay, Dumpert, Coinmerce, ANWB and Koppa (founder). Go to the projects overview if you’d like to know more.

Skills: SCRUM, Kanban, Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, Design Thinking, Streaming Hotjar, Netlify, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, SQL, Software Development, Flutter, Laravel, Vue, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS