Hi, my name is Dirk Menkveld and I’m a freelance product manager or better described as an allround tech guy. Building products from scratch with like-minded people is the thing I love to do.

Last years I’ve been working as a freelance product manager / owner for companies like Yunoo (co-founder), Fox Sports, NEP, YogaHabits, Node1, Shopify, Klarna, Ubideo, Studio Henk, Livewords, Mediahuis, AgnoPlay, Dumpert, Coinmerce and Koppa (founder). Go to the projects overview if you’d like to know more.

Skills: SCRUM, Kanban, Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, Design Thinking, Streaming, Hotjar, Netlify, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, SQL, Development, Flutter, Laravel, Vue, Python, PHP, JS, HTML & CSS