CTO as a Service

To tackle the needs of your company the CTO helps to define your product vision / mission statement, design software architecture, optimize the system of tools and processes, hire tech talent, monitor quality control and make a product that will be loved by the users.

Agile Product Management

The agile way means working on an iterative and incremental level that helps every organisation achieving their goals. This method makes you think about the product in every possible way, and this is done in a highly flexible and interactive manner.

Roadmap Blueprinting

A roadmap blueprint is a tool or document that a tech driven organisation creates in order to guide its priorities, epics, budgets, staffing and other IT strategy-related initiatives.

Web Development

Keeping up-to-date with web technologies is very important in this rapidly changing ecosystem of tech products. Working on hobby projects helps me maintaining my skills.

UX Design

Every tech product begins with human-computer interaction. In product development, UX Design is the most fundamental aspect of the product life cycle. Therefore, its outmost important that this process is done very carefully with full focus at the end-user experience.